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There are 6 basic types of wigs. Artificial wigs or machine made wigs, human hair tied, hand-tied synthetic, human machine made, vacuum base and custom-made breathable base.

Malaysian remy is quickly replacing yaky hair texture. Numerous African-American females have yaky or yaki lace wigs to look like chemically dealt with African-American hair. As remy hair is not processed, this postured a problem. While some business specified they used yaky with virgin cuticle hair that was unprocessed, this was typically untrue as many yaky is actually processed.

For this reason 99% of human hair wigs are made from Asian hair. This hair is marked by such brand name as “human hair” or “remy hair”. If the producer or a sales person does not state directly that the hair is specifically European, you can be 100% sure that you are dealing with Asian hair.

Cost is typically among the most significant factors in determining which wig to purchase. Rates vary considerably, and depend upon a variety of factors. You should expect usually to pay about 2-3 times more for human hair than artificial. If you want european or virgin hair, you will pay about 5-8 times more than synthetic.

Special clips would do the task of holding the wig over your hair when you have natural hair on the head. If your natural hair is thick, you might require to put on a skull cap on your head and then repair the wig over it.

Swiss lace is the most fragile lace type and extremely great. This is the least detectable lace and has the most natural look. The only issue that some individuals have with Swiss lace is that it can be harmed extremely quickly. Swiss lace is recommended for just skilled 12a wig 250 density users or for those who have it expertly removed and set up.

They do be available in different forms such as human hair lace, artificial lace, conventional lace and naturally Remy. Here is the distinction in between the traditional one and the Remy.

There are many types of these types of hair pieces to pick from today. You can pick human hair, mixed or artificial, long, medium or short, straight, wavy or curly. There are a limitless range of colors to pick from also. If you like to try various hairstyles and colors like I do, then using lace wigs might be a terrific choice for you.

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